The simplest approach is usually the best

As professional providers of roof cleaning in Surrey, we strive to give our clients a first class experience and nothing less. Using a hands on approach, we favour those methods that don’t compromise the integrity of your rooftop. With extensive knowledge and a talented team of individuals to apply it, we are a company that you can rely on.

While it’s true that roof cleaning forms a substantial part of our business, another service of ours that is as equally vital is working with gutters. Regardless of which project is being undertaken however, it’s critical that you have the proper supplies and gear required to complete the work.

Since gutter cleaning is very hand focused, you are going to need a decent pair of gloves. In fact, there is no effective way of working on the gutter without using your hands. Activities like this aren’t too delicate, as sharp debris can make its way from trees and the roof to your gutters. Therefore, you must be adequately prepared for the task.

Another important thing to remember about gutter cleaning is to keep everything simple. After all, you are attempting to get the work done in a fast and efficient manner, not trying to experiment or be fancy in any way. One should begin by removing all the bulky debris. Then move on to smaller items, getting rid of everything that can’t easily flush away into the drains. During this time, a pair of safety goggles must be worn to protect your eyes. It’s best to put down a protective tarp too so that the sideways, driveways, and front porch don’t become filthy.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean our reputation is one built on a service that is both quick and reliable. A long-term solution is what we aim for, which is why we apply our special biocide treatment to discourage moss and algae from growing again in the future.

If your roofs and gutters are in need of attention, getting in touch with our team should be the next step.