Stormy weather and your roof

Storms are becoming more and more common in the UK, especially in winter. We’ve seen that just these last few months, including two in November, three in December, and one already this month with another on the way. The bad weather is putting a lot of pressure on buildings, infrastructure, and greenery. Home owners in particular should be taking the time to check their roofs. Surprisingly, services like roof cleaning in Croydon can help too.

Loose roof materials

Roof cleaning CroydonThe major issue is loose materials on the roof. This could be tiles, shingles, or even slate. Ridge tiles are at risk too, especially if they are old and worn. High winds can easily tear the materials right off.

Roof cleaning can be helpful here. What it does is take care of dirt, debris, and anything that could be growing on the roof. The latter is the most important because it can get between materials and retain water. When it freezes, the water expands and can lift the roof materials. This slight lift can be all it takes for heavy wind to catch it and pull a tile, shingle, or piece of slate off.

A dirty roof with things growing on it can also substantially weaken the materials. You need to think about this, especially if bad weather is on the way.

Take care

Cleaning the roof can potentially save you a huge amount if you compare to replacing damage. However, you need to think about the risks. It is dangerous to work on the roof at any time of year because of the height and lack of sure footing. It is even more risky in winter when it is wet, cold, and windy.

The best thing to do is contact us for a professional service. We do all the right things to maximise safety. Our team have plenty of experience and the right equipment. Plus, we don’t use pressure washers; it is risky to rely on them and can even potentially damage the roofing.

Call us for roof cleaning in Croydon

If you have concerns about your roof, especially with the recent stormy weather, it could be a really good idea to get a survey and a clean. Cleaning can make sure there aren’t any serious problems lurking. It gets rid of the dirt and anything growing that could loosen or weaken the materials.

You can rely on us if you need roof cleaning in Croydon. We do a great job every time, making sure our people are safe and protecting your roofing too. We also use a biocide to make sure that things won’t grow for a long time after application. It can ensure longer lasting protection.

So, contact us to book a service.