Don’t risk your gutters falling down

With Christmas approaching, a lot of people will be waiting for Santa. Don’t worry, he won’t skip your house if there is a problem with the roof or gutter. But, that doesn’t mean you should ignore them. Winter is a hard time of year on your property, so you should ensure everything is in order. We can help, offering reliable gutter and roof cleaning in Woking and all across the region.

A huge problem

Roof cleaning WokingOne of the worst things that can happen in winter is your gutters falling down. It is a massive issue because it can mean all the water pours down the side of your property rather than going safely into the drain. That can lead to various issues, including slippery paths and drives, damage to walls and foundations, and more.

A number of issues can result in a piece of gutter or the entire section falling down. Let’s look at them so you know the causes and how to avoid them.


The first thing is the screws holding the guttering in place can come free. Over time they can loosen gradually, so it can just be a matter of time before they fail and the gutter comes down. That is why you should keep an eye on them and ensure the guttering is firmly attached.

In some cases there can be an issue with the screws because of poor installation. For example, some could be missing or the installer may have chosen an unsuitable type.


The most common cause of gutters falling down is they simply get too heavy and the screws and brackets can’t support them. A number of things cause the weight of guttering to become an issue. Firstly, it could be a mass of debris such as leaves or dirt. You should get roof cleaning in Woking to prevent it. Alternatively, it could be water standing in the gutter or snow. This is even more dangerous if it freezes because of the weight of the ice.

The major culprit here is clogs. If there is dirt and debris in the gutter, it is likely preventing the water from flowing away. So, you get a heavy mass pressing down on the guttering. It can pull it down in no time. That is why you should invest in professional services to clean the gutters and roof.

Levelling out

Sometimes there is no clog but you still end up with water sitting in the gutter. This could happen because the gutters are level. You need a slight angle to them so that water can flow away. If they have been installed incorrectly or have moved so they are level now, you get standing water and weight becomes a problem again.

Ask us for roof cleaning in Woking

If you want to protect your property from the risk of falling gutters, it is best to get professionals to clean them and the roof. This will get rid of debris and ensure the water can flow away smoothly. We can handle the job for you, ensuring everything is clean and clear.

So, speak to us today if you want gutter or roof cleaning in Woking. We use gentle methods to ensure there is no risk of damage.