Why does moss love concrete roofs so much?

All rooftops are vulnerable to moss. The cosmetic problems are particularly apparent with homes that use concrete tiles. More importantly, if you leave it to its own devices, it can create major long-term damage to a roof. Let’s discuss why moss has such a fondness for concrete in particular. Then, if you need roof cleaning in Epsom, you can rely on us.

Moss is an umbrella term we use to describe a species of non-vascular herbaceous plant. This is one that grows quickly in damp environments. You can find it growing all over the world, particularly in wet places like rainforests, alpine ecosystems, and wetlands. It is the same for urban locales that have a wet climate. At present, there are 14,500 species of moss all over the world. It has the ability to establish itself on virtually everything; from rocks and brick walls to sidewalks and tree trunks, it will grow.

Spreads when it is wet

Roof cleaning EpsomMoss will spread rapidly when the weather is wet. As soon as the gametophytes are covered in a film of water, the sperm cells can move from one gametophyte to another. They fertilise other eggs. When fertilised, the egg transforms into a sporophyte. This will later generate spores. The sporophyte will only have the means to survive as long as it gets nutrients and water from the dominate gametophyte. But, mosses can be self sustaining for a long time.

The nooks and crannies present on concrete tiles make the rooftops perfect for moss spore growth. It is frequently damp and sunlight may not penetrate into them. The rough texture gives the mosses something to easily grip too.

A house possessing a partially covered roof area has more of a chance of developing moss. This is if you compare to a house that gets complete exposure to the sun. So, you may need more frequent roof cleaning in Epsom if you do have a shading problem.

The more water the spores can absorb, the faster it will expand over your roof. It is not going to grow more than an inch tall, but it will grow like a carpet over your roof instead. You will have a spongy moss mat comprising of thousands of small separate mosses. They group together to increase retention and water absorption.

Early action

If you spot the roof’s moss growth earlier, things will turn out better. Leaving moss to do its own thing can result in a myriad of problems for homeowners. It can lead to higher wear, leaks, and other issues.

There are a few measures people can take to manage rooftop moss growth. One example would be cutting down or trimming trees to give the roof more sun exposure. Regular maintenance is also a recommendation for guaranteeing the roof’s longevity. Choosing expert roof cleaning in Epsom is best. We advise you work with a professional team like ours because we have the experience and training to get results, and avoid accidents.

No pressure washing

What we don’t recommend though is using pressure washing. This cleaning method works by blasting the moss, algae, and filth off the roof using sheer force. The higher the power, the better the clean. At least, that is the theory.

What you will find is there are two primary concerns with power washing. Firstly, if you utilise too much power on the roof, there is a real danger you will remove the tile’s surface layer. The sheer power is enough to make it happen. The other, more serious concern, is that the pressure can force water under your roofing material. It can end up breaking the tiles and forces water into the loft.

Choose reliable roof cleaning in Epsom

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we avoid marking and harming your rooftop with abrasive pressure washing. Instead, we only use manual removal methods. Our efforts will allow us to restore your roof to its original state.

So, please let us know if you need the greatest services for roof cleaning Epsom has. We can book a service for you.