Metal roofs are easier to work with than asphalt

When your home needs a new roof, it can be difficult to decide on materials. It appears that there are plenty of advantages and disadvantages in all directions. Moreover, it is always tempting to go with the less expensive option. People do this no matter how much any repairs or future maintenance would cost. As a top provider of roof cleaning in Godalming, we have experience with different options. So, we can provide some useful info.

Asphalt shingles

Roof cleaning GodalmingThis is the most popular roofing material out there. For generations, they have been the go to choice. Many of the homes in your own neighbourhood are likely to have them. Roofers apply the shingles individually with nails onto the wooden structure of your house’s roof. The installation work is straightforward. Since they are individual, you can replace one or a few shingles without needing to do the whole roof.

Shingle roofs are designed to last for many decades. But, they are vulnerable to strong weather events. Let’s say you live somewhere that experiences strong winds. If so, you have likely seen shingles flying off roofs. You need to think about this if you are going to choose them.

As we said, shingle roofs are comprised of several individual shingles applied to the roof structure. While that offers advantages, it also means there are far more opportunities for water to leak through. Small gaps still exist, not to mention nail holes. Over time, these can let water into your property. If you need the greatest services for roof cleaning Godalming has, talk to us.

Something else to note about shingle roofs is that they are heavy. It is true that modern homes are built to endure the weight of a shingle roof. Yet, homes experience structural shifts over multiple decades. A new shingle roof on a house that is 50 to 100 years old can result in structural issues.

Metal sheets

Another material that has become very popular would be metal sheeting. This solution has been available since the 18th century. Historically though, it hasn’t had the popularity of shingles. The reason is the upfront cost is larger.

There are some massive benefits for investing in metal roofs though. For one thing, they are built to last for far longer. They can have a service life as long as seven decades. In addition, the sheets are less vulnerable to wind and leakage too due to their construction. There are a lot less potential joints and gaps to let any water in.

Surprisingly, the metal can be great for when it snows too. Snow generally slides off the sheets with ease because they are smooth. On shingle roofs, it can accumulate. This adds weight and the potential for water damage.


It helps to know which roof is easier to clean and maintain as well. Metal sheets have an advantage for two reasons. Firstly, the smoothness really helps because it makes it difficult for dirt and organic growths to get a grip. Shingles have a rough surface, so they can get dirtier. Plus, there are fewer sheets. You can have 1000+ separate shingles to check.

Furthermore, metal roofs need less maintenance than asphalt ones. They are sturdy and designed to last. So, you shouldn’t have to worry about them in adverse, cold, or hot weather conditions.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ever do maintenance on your metal roof though. Poor installation and wear can cause leakage, especially around screw holes. You’d be best having experts like us come to clean the roof once every year at minimum.

Let us help you with roof cleaning in Godalming

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we’ve built a reputation on being reliable and fast workers. Our people remove all debris by hand and avoid power washing. The latter strategy is a destructive one that can end up doing more harm than good to all kinds of roofing materials. Our methods are much safer and you get a better clean.

So, if you need the top services for roof cleaning Godalming has, give us a call. We provide exceptional results.