Does sunlight affect clay roofs?

People leave their rooftops alone because they think the filth doesn’t matter much. They believe it only affects the aesthetics of their property. This isn’t the case though. All the debris that accumulates can damage your roof, leading to premature failure. To prevent it from happening, you should use the greatest services for roof cleaning in Weybridge. Our team will take care of the issue and leave everything looking great.

A long-employed roof material

Roof cleaning WeybridgeClay tiles have been a popular roofing material for centuries. There are good reasons for this choice. In general, sunlight’s impact on them isn’t an issue when supporting materials and surface finishes are intact and robust. So, in typical conditions there won’t be problems.

However, when exposed to constant heat, UV rays can lead to surface finishes degrading. Plus, the tiles can expand and put pressure on the roof. This can cause two problems. Firstly, the tiles can crack. Secondly, it can lead to beams and wood warping.

There are ever-increasing, severe weather conditions in the UK. This includes hotter periods than we traditionally get. These days, there is more of a chance of thermal shock happening. This is where roofing materials heat up swiftly in the day and cool down at night. It can lead to big issues.

Clay roof advantages

Clay roof tiles do have their advantages. These make them a wonderful choice for homeowners. We know all about them from our work as the top providers of roof cleaning in Weybridge.

For one thing, they are durable and can put up with harsh weather conditions. Clay rooftops provide superb thermal insulation too. They allow our homes to stay cosy in colder months and cool when it is hot.

Another pro of clay tiles is that they are non-combustible. This feature makes them fire resistant. We’d classify them as a grade A substance. For fire safety, it is the highest category.

Clay itself is also a non-toxic, mineral-based material. Because of this, the tiles are environmentally friendly. It is easy for you to recycle them.

Most significantly, clay roof tiles come with a long lifespan. When you treat them right, they can last for several decades. There won’t be any need to replace your roof after only a few years.

Maintenance is essential

For you to keep your clay roof in its best possible condition, you must maintain it. Examine your roof periodically to find signs of damage. If you encounter any cracked or loose tiles, take care of them to stop any water leaks.

You will also want to keep your tiles free of moss, leaves, and debris. Doing it can stop leaks and potential water damage. Sunlight leads to micro root growth. It is something that can compromise the tile’s integrity. When the weather gets frosty, this organic material is able to expand. The clay roof tiles will end up cracking.

The ideal way to preserve a clay roof is to organise some professional roof cleaning in Weybridge. A good quality finish can help as well. This works to preserve the roof’s integrity and its aesthetic appeal. When done right, it will last for years.

In conclusion, sunlight can negatively impact structures with time. Extreme heat conditions and UV rays can influence clay tiles and the roof frames supporting them. Lengthy exposure to sunlight can also cause the degrading or fading of the protective, vibrant colour finishes. To prevent clay roofs from losing their aesthetic appeal and integrity, you must maintain them.

Our results last so choose roof cleaning in Weybridge

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we use special treatments and manual techniques to clean roofs. Our approach will unveil the hidden beauty that exists on your rooftops. Thanks to our biocide treatments, the results will also last longer, ensuring algae and moss doesn’t come back quickly.

So, please let us know if you need the top services for roof cleaning Weybridge has available. We’ll arrange everything with you.