You need to clean your solar panels

There are many people who choose to leave their rooftops in a filthy state. Doing so is a terrible idea for two reasons. For one thing, your property can become an eyesore. Secondly, the debris on a roof can actually cause damage over time. By using the top services for roof cleaning in Guildford, you’ll be able to keep everything in shape.

During the process of cleaning the roof, you may have to attend to the solar panels if you use them. These installations are an investment in green energy that can save you money on energy bills. To guarantee maximum efficiency though, you must keep them clean. In this post, we are going to discuss the topic of cleaning them in detail.


Roof cleaning GuildfordDebris, dirt, and other contaminants are common culprits that lower a solar panel’s effectiveness. Even a small level of debris, like a dust film and leaves, can block sunlight from getting to the cells. Energy output will go down. As a result, you need to regularly clean these panels. For more stubborn stains, you may need professional help.

Understanding the factors capable of influencing solar panel efficiency is vital for maximising energy output. You’ll want the most out of your system. By guaranteeing that your panels are clean and in the right place, you can make them as efficient as possible.

Cleaning solar panels is an integral element of preserving their effectiveness. You will also get the best returns on investment. PV systems are a substantial investment. You should clean them regularly to maximise energy production and extend the lifespan. Let us know if you need the leading services for roof cleaning Guildford has.

What can dirty the panels?

Multiple kinds of debris and dirt can gather on solar panels. Examples include bird droppings, tree sap, pollen, and dust. Bird droppings in particular can result in massive damage. There are high acidity levels here. As for tree sap, it can get on them and harden, creating a film over your panels. Efficiency will go down.

Weather and location

The effects of location and weather are also important. Both can influence how often you need to clean. If you live somewhere with high pollution or dust levels, you will have to do it more frequently. On the other hand, if you live somewhere with a fair amount of rainfall, you could end up cleaning them less often.

It is essential that you are careful when you have panels somewhere with high humidity levels. They will be more vulnerable to debris and dirt thanks to moisture in the air. So, it is critical to consider the location of the panels and weather when figuring the cleaning schedule out.

How to identify they need cleaning?

If you are unsure when to clean your solar panels, there are certain things you must look for. One sign is higher energy bills than normal. Dirty panels can be the culprit because they won’t be absorbing as much power.

There are also visual cues that tell you cleaning is necessary. For example, they may not look as reflective as they once did and you may see evidence of soiling.

As we said before, debris can accumulate and undermine their effectiveness. By performing regular inspections, you can pinpoint issues before things get worse.

We use a manual approach for roof cleaning in Guildford

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we work in a particular way. We adopt a manual cleaning approach, where we remove debris by hand. Afterwards, we use a quality biocide to prevent organic growths from returning. It is effective at dealing with algae, moss, or lichen.

So, let us know if you’re after the greatest services for roof cleaning Guildford has; we’ll organise it with you.