The correct way to approach tile cleaning

Professionally cleaned roofs and gutters is our area of expertise and none can perform this kind of work to a higher standard than we can. That is why we are the highest rated of all the roof cleaning companies Surrey is home to.

We rely on manual methods and our biocide treatment as opposed to pressure washers. As a result we not only seek to clean your roof, but to prevent moss and algae build up from occurring for years to come. Quick, efficient and non-destructive, our services are the ones to call upon should your roof be in need of attention.

It’s entirely possible to give your tiled roof new life by simply cleaning it, but there are crucial pieces of information that one must be aware of before tackling the tiles. The first thing you must do is always try to walk where the tiling overlaps, since this is where the roof is strongest.

As you might expect, the roof’s surface can get slippery during the cleaning process, so some sturdy, non-slip shoes are necessities. Safety rails can also be a great help. A lot of time can be saved if someone remains on the ground so that things can be passed up and down whilst removing the debris.

Before any special cleaning products are used, it’s best to disconnect the water tanks from the gutters so that any leftovers don’t make their way into the water supply. With that out of the way, the treatments can be applied.

During this stage, it’s best to start on one side and walk backwards from the treated area. This way, you are always walking on a dry tile. After the biocide has had time to work its magic, any remaining debris can be taken care of.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean we take every precaution necessary to ensure that both the public and we remain safe while we are working. Tiled roofs are something we come across quite regularly, so we know exactly what approaches to take whenever we are cleaning one. If your own tiled roof could do with a scrub here and there, we are just the people for the job.