Unkempt electrical cables pose a threat to gutter and roof cleaning operations

Our business is one that prides itself on providing a professional and efficient service to its clients. Instead of using pressure-washing methods, which are actually rather detrimental to the roof, we choose to use a manual approach, removing the debris ourselves. In addition, we also seek to prevent debris from coming back in the future by using our special biocide, leaving your roof spotless for a lengthy period of time.

As our name implies we work with both roofs and gutters. In order to make certain that we can carry out our work effectively, one of the main things that we have to practice is safety. When you first think of working safely in our profession, what typically comes to mind is the proper use of equipment. While you aren’t wrong by any means, there are other things one must watch out for whenever they are attempting gutter or roof cleaning.

If the intention is to clean a gutter around a cable from a power line, which falls from the power outlet to the structure’s roof, a visual inspection of where the cable connects to the property should be undertaken. The reason why this is so crucial is to make sure that the protective wire insulation hasn’t managed to rub off because of wear and tear over the years. This can either come about as the result of nearby trees or the weather.

Should the cable appear to be damaged, repairs should only be conducted by trained hands, with the most appropriate being those of a licensed electrician. This should be done before any work is done on the roof or guttering to avoid hazards. If the cable is in a good condition work can commence as soon as you want it to.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, no matter how filthy your roofs or gutters are, we can and will make them look as good as new. Our team are highly trained and stand out as the very best at roof cleaning in Surrey. With the best team and the most up to date equipment behind us, no amount of debris is safe from us.

If your roof could do with some attention, we are the ones to call.