Treating roof moss in the UK

Over time, roofs can start to develop dark or green patches as moss starts to grow. This is relatively common in the UK because of the wet weather and the popularity of pitched roofs. It occurs more commonly on roofs that are shaded for long periods of time because moss dries out and doesn’t grow when in direct sunlight.

Moss can harm roofs because it will hold water and slowly damage the materials. It can also make the property look poorly cared for and ruin the aesthetics. For these reasons many people will resort to removing it and cleaning up the roof. When doing so care needs to be taken to avoid damaging the roofing materials. Safety also needs to be taken into account whenever work is being carried out at heights.

Moss should be removed by hand from a roof. Pressure washers can cause problems including damaging the protective layer on tiles, dislodging them and allowing water to enter the loft. Hand cleaning is much gentler and doesn’t require anywhere near as much water. You should use a scraper or wire brush to remove the moss, taking care not to damage the roof materials in the process. This is even more important if the moss has been growing in a spot for a long time because it may have weakened the surface.

If you want to prevent moss from coming back quickly you can wash the roof materials with bleach or use a biocide treatment. Both of these need to be handled and used with care but they can keep your roof looking fresh and clean for a longer time.

You should keep an eye out and ensure that organic matter is removed from the roof quickly whenever you notice it. Branches and leaves can help to promote moss growth because they trap moisture. If you have trees near your house that shade the roof, you should trim branches to allow more direct sunlight to shine onto it.

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