Be proactive if you have box gutters

If you want to give your property the best protection against rain, you need to ensure the roof and gutters are in good condition. Their job is to efficiently direct the water away from the property. However, dirt, debris, and various other things can mean they don’t work as they should. It can lead to various problems. As a top provider of roof cleaning in Dorking, we want to specifically look at problems with box gutters today. The information will help you to manage them more effectively to protect your building.

Why choose them?

Box gutters are a popular choice for many properties. They offer a couple of crucial advantages. Most notably, the size and shape means they can handle a higher volume of water than other types of guttering. If you live in an area that gets a lot of rain, they can be a really good choice.

A second advantage is the aesthetics. You can get them in a variety of materials, including steel, aluminium, and even copper. As a result, they can offer a better look than UPVC.


While there are benefits, box gutters can cause a number of problems. It is a good idea to ensure you are aware of them and what to do to reduce the risk.


Roof cleaning DorkingThe first problem is water overflow. While the size of the gutters means they can move a high volume of water, it does have drawbacks. It means they can easily be clogged by different kinds of debris. The shape can make it more difficult for rain to wash things like leaves, sticks, and dirt away. So, when there is heavy rain or several days of showers, water can spill over the sides.

What you need to do here is be proactive with cleaning and maintenance. The goal should be to keep the roof and gutters as clean as possible. It will reduce the risk of dirt and debris building up and causing clogging. If you need professional roof cleaning in Dorking and services for gutters, we can help.

It is also a good idea to check to make sure the gutters have a sufficient slope. This ensures water will flow. Plus, it may help to have additional downspouts.


The second issue is leaks. They can be a concern with all kinds of guttering, but can be more problematic with box gutters due to the seams and joints. There is also a higher risk of corrosion leading to holes, particularly when you use metals that don’t have a high resistance. Plus, installation problems can lead to leaking too.

What you need to do to resolve leaks is first find the exact cause. If it is a hole or a gap, you can patch and seal it. Or, you could install a new gutter lining. If it is from poor installation, you may need a more extensive repair.


Finally, you can have problems with box gutters because of how much they weigh. They are naturally heavier than other options due to the size and materials. When you add in a higher volume of water and the chance for more dirt and debris, the weight can become an issue. It can increase the risk of them pulling free from the building.

There are a couple of important things to do here. Firstly, make sure the installation is correct and they have a sufficient slope to drain water. Secondly, think about the supports. You may need some extra fittings like brackets or hangers to support the weight.

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As you can tell from our name, we specialise in cleaning gutters and roofing. Our goal is to offer the very best services for each and every client. Most crucially, we will get rid of dirt, debris, and anything else that could cause issues. We’ll leave it so the roof and gutters look great and efficiently redirect the water.

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