Does your roof need a moss makeover?

Roof cleaning LeatherheadYour roof is an integral part of the home. It protects against exterior elements. Over time though, it can become vulnerable to the growth of mosses, algae and more. If left alone, they can cause all kinds of problems. Pinpointing the signs yours could do with a moss makeover is necessary. By doing this, you can maintain its functionality and integrity. We’re going to discuss the signs that tell you your roofing need attention ASAP. Then, you can come to us for the best roof cleaning in Leatherhead and other areas.

Too much shade

Firstly, your roof might be in a predominantly shaded location. It is here where it’ll be more likely to develop moss. This is the sort of environment where it thrives. Shade makes the rooftops cool and moist. So, be on the lookout for patches of black or dark green vegetation.

Accelerated ageing

A roof that has a large amount of moss growth usually appears older than it normally is. Moss can result in premature deterioration of roofing materials. Tiles and asphalt shingles both suffer. Therefore, if you have a rooftop that looks noticeably aged, worn out, or brittle, moss could be the culprit.

Visual distortion

Moss growth on your roof can make it seem distorted or irregular. The presence of bumps and lumps can be a clear sign of it growing. If you spot any of these visual irregularities, you have to address them quickly. Otherwise, you can’t preserve your home’s aesthetics. Come to us if you need the foremost services for roof cleaning in Leatherhead.

Granule loss and accumulation

Moss growth leads to the loss of granules from roofing materials like shingles. If you find one too many in your gutters, or if the roof seems bare in specific areas, moss may have taken hold. It could be harming the roof’s protective layer, therefore increasing the risk of leaks and other issues.

Granule accumulation is a similar sign. Look for a gathering of granules clogged within the moss or mixed with it. This is a sign you’re due for a moss makeover. Granule loss accelerates the degradation of roof materials, so you can end up with a big bill to replace them.


Another critical sign you cannot ignore is pests. Moss offers a habitat for small critters like insects or rodents. They can cause additional harm to the roof, undermining its integrity. As a result, if you see any signs of animal activity, you need to act.

Peeling or curling shingles

Moss can lift shingles or lead to them curling. This is down to its persistent moisture retention. If you find any shingles that seem raised, bent, or warped, it could be due to an underlying growth. Take immediate action to overcome the problem.

A drop in energy efficiency

Moss covered rooftops can also undermine the home’s energy efficiency. It stops sunlight from reflecting off the roof’s exterior. This results in increased heat absorption and possible temperature imbalances. However, with a moss makeover, you can rectify it.

We focus on long term results with roof cleaning in Leatherhead

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we aid those with algae and moss covered rooftops. Along with general debris, these can detract from your property and may cause structural issues. By using a manual approach, together with our fast-acting biocide, we can clear everything up. At the same time, we can discourage the growths from returning.

So, talk to us if you need the best services for roof cleaning in Leatherhead. We can give you a quote, advice, and more.