The facts about insurance companies and roof cleaning

Homeowner’s insurance is there to protect you from disastrous situations. Lots of property owners pay a decent amount for their coverage. This should pay for repairs or replacements in unforeseen circumstances. However, an increasing amount of people are getting notice from their insurers. These say that they won’t renew their policies if there is a lack of sufficient maintenance. You should keep this in mind, and should speak to us about roof cleaning in Camberley if you need it.

Not taking care of your roof can provide the insurance company with the power to revoke your coverage. Additionally, there will be companies that threaten to cancel policies unless the property owner replaces it.

To prevent issues, you need to take the right steps to maintain your roof for the long term. Roof cleaning is a critical way of keeping your property in top condition. This can make your roof look like new. At the same time, it will optimise its service life. In addition, there are other things property owners must know about here to avoid problems with their insurance.

Why insurers cancel coverage

Roof cleaning CamberleyThe primary reason insurance companies cancel/revoke coverage is the risk of repairs, replacement, and other problems. Insurers prefer safe bets. They don’t like supplying or maintaining coverage for houses that could need expensive repairs and replacements in the short term.

The standard residential roof should last 30ish years. It can last even longer with services like expert roof cleaning in Camberley. Once there are signs of excess damage or wear, or there is an indication of neglect, the insurance company will act rather than risk having to pay if you claim.

During a home inspection, the insurers will look for possible risks in the home. For clear reasons, the roof is somewhere they will focus on. It is the house’s main defence against the elements. Moreover, it is easy to see signs of obvious neglect like lichen and moss growth. Homes with damaged or old rooftops can qualify as a “high risk”. Failing to clean the roof at least annually can result in structural or corrosion problems. Build-ups of foliage and leaves can block drainage. It also harbours the growth of mildew, mould, and moss. All of these issues are expensive to repair.

Vulnerable spots

Algae and moss can start growing on roof surfaces, particularly in damp and humid areas. The most affected ones are usually north-facing sides and shaded areas. The growths lead to ugly dark striping and staining. When insurance companies do their inspections, it won’t take long for them to notice indicators of growths like dark shading. If they do, they can threaten to cancel your policy unless you get your roof replaced.

There is another solution in some cases fortunately. You may be able to get professional roof cleaning in Camberley or other spots. It can remove all algae, moss, dirt, and more. Doing it in addition to annual inspections can help prolong the roof’s lifespan. There is less likely to be trouble with your insurer this way.

The trouble with pressure washing

High pressure isn’t recommended for roof cleaning because it can damage materials. For example, it often blasts away the protective granules on shingles. They are responsible for reflecting UV rays.

There is a good chance a pressure washer will invalidate your coverage too. It may leave your roof vulnerable to damage, so it can violate any manufacturer’s warranty cover. You’d be better off avoiding this situation and using a different approach.

Expert roof cleaning in Camberley

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we undertake professional cleaning on roofs, gutters, and driveways. One can affect the other, so we cover all the angles. It will make your property far more presentable and can be great news for the insurer.

So, if you need the finest services for roof cleaning in Camberley, give us call. We can give you a quote and advice.