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Can bird droppings damage my roof?

We are professional roof cleaners that have experience with residential and commercial properties. It is our job to clear dirt, debris and organic growths like moss and algae. A combination of technique and first rate equipment lets us provide stellar results. Today, people consider us the foremost business working in roof cleaning Reigate has.

Why do bird droppings cause damage?

Having birds around your property is normally pleasant. However, what they leave behind can have some negative side effects. The droppings have high uric acid content. As a result, they can be corrosive, especially if you leave them for long enough.

A notable example of this is the influence they can have on the paint job of your car. If you’re always parking in a spot where birds typically gather and don’t wash the vehicle regularly, you will probably notice damage. The droppings can eat away at the protective coating and in time will etch the paintwork.

Your roof isn’t safe either

The roof could be a popular gathering place for birds. It has a relatively huge surface area and is high off the ground. Also, it could be close to trees or your bird feeders. This will only make it extra appealing.

Sadly, bird droppings and their potential for damage aren’t restricted to your car. If you’re not careful, they can seriously harm your roof. You might have traditional shingles. Here, they will be vulnerable to the high degree of acidity. The dropping will eventually eat away at them. It can result in a need to arrange roof repairs. Such an expense is one you’ll want to avoid for as long as you can.

Can the droppings damage all kinds of roofs?

Theoretically, they can damage a multitude of surfaces due to the acidity. They can harm tiles, metal sheets, and even tar and flat roof covers.

Like with cars though, you can reduce the risk of damage if you clean frequently. Contact us if you need the highest quality services for roof cleaning Reigate has.

It is also important to look at the ease of cleaning with different materials. If you have a super durable, long lasting metal roof, it can be far easier to clean. This is if you compare to a normal shingle roof. Naturally, shingles have a rough exterior. As a result, it is harder to clean them.

Can I avoid the damage?

It is not really possible to avoid bird droppings entirely. Birds will land on whatever surfaces they can find. There are systems to deter them, but they can be costly and some don’t look very nice. Even then, you could still have droppings from birds flying over.

The best thing to do is keep your roof in the best possible condition and get regular cleaning. A professional service every now and again is great. You can then attempt spot cleaning to get rid of any mess.

Roof cleaning in Reigate that is always reliable

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we’ve built our reputation on supplying reliable services. Our team also prefers to be quick while they are on the job. The approach we take is one where we manually remove everything, avoiding pressure washing and other abrasive methods. We can also use a special biocide to discourage any organic growths from returning for a long time.

So, if you desire the finest services for roof cleaning Reigate has, please speak to us. We can arrange it with you and ensure your roofing is in good condition.