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Not everything you hear about metal roofs is true

We are specialists in roof cleaning Farnham residents can always count on. Ours is a team that takes great pride in its ability to restore the properties of clients. The strategy we use is a manual one, removing debris by hand and then using biocide treatments to discourage organic growths from returning for a long time.

Having been in this business for years, we’ve heard a great deal about different roof types. Metal roofs are a fantastic option for various reasons. They are highly durable, long lasting, and resist water. Like anything else though, there are fair few myths. People misrepresent it frequently. What we’re going to do is discuss some of these myths and tell you the truth of the matter.


The first myth has to do with metal roofing being too loud. At some point, you’ve probably heard people saying that they are noisy. However, this isn’t the case. When properly installed, you can live with them just fine.

It is preferable to install metal roofing over top quality insulation. It will stop the majority of noises from getting into your business or house.

Apart from this, it is possible to install metal roofs over existing ones. This provides your property with an extra layer of noise cancelling protection.


Our second myth is that metal roofs fail to protect our properties from the cold. Your home’s insulation keeps everything cool in summer and warm in winter. Metal roofs do just as good of a job as other materials at keeping you at comfortable temperatures. Contact us if you need the leading services for roof cleaning Farnham has.


The third myth we have is that metal roofs attract lightning. This is definitely one of the scarier myths to exist. It is a fact that metal conducts electricity. But, the roof isn’t going to attract any more than another type of roofing would. The truth is that, due to its wonderful fire resistance, your metal roofing will keep your property safer. Because of this reason, homeowners should choose metal roofs in lightning prone locales.


Another myth is that metal roofs are costly. This one is only partly true. You’ll probably pay more cash upfront if you compare to shingles or another material. In the long run however, these roofs are cost efficient. The materials last a longer time and need less maintenance. As a result, you can argue that they aren’t any more expensive than other roofing options are.


The last myth we’ll discuss is metal roofs being vulnerable to dents. Many like to claim that it is easy to damage them. This isn’t true either. In fact, the materials can be some of the most durable substances. Quality ones can be impervious to the majority of typical kinds of damage. Examples include that from falling tree limbs, wildlife, and hail.

We know how to handle roof cleaning in Farnham

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we know exactly what kind of damage a filthy roof can do. The same goes for gutters. So, we work hard to restore your property to its best condition. Also, the preventative strategies we use ensure that our results last. This makes our services more cost efficient over the long run.

If you need the finest services for roof cleaning Farnham has, let us know. We are happy to offer advice too if you have any concerns.