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Winter roof cleaning done right

We are roof cleaning specialists that have built our reputation on offering a reliable and quick service. Our approach involves using manual debris removal techniques. To make the results stick, we also use a special biocide as well. Thanks to the quality of our work, we have become one of the leading businesses for roof cleaning Dorking has.

While spring may just have arrived, it is never too early to think about winter property maintenance in the UK. During the colder months, the weather can spell trouble for your roof. As a result, it is worth considering some cleaning.

Debris and blockages

For one thing, there is the debris and dirt build-up caused by ice, snow, and sleet to think of. Heavy rain can also wash moss and other organic growths into gutters. You don’t want any of this to cause blockages. If it does, you can end up with overflowing water. It can damage the roofing and gutters, and also lead to issues like damp.

Frost damage

Moreover, you need to be aware of frost damage. This can be the result of a build-up of organic material underneath and between your roofing tiles. With frosty conditions, moss can expand because it holds a lot of water. What it does is cause movement and puts pressure on your tiling. As time passes, your roof tiles can lift and weaken. The latter can lead to them becoming more brittle and vulnerable to cracking. You can potentially experience leaks here.

Storm debris

Bad weather can massively influence your roof in winter. It is a fact that windy conditions can dislodge tiles. However, it is storm debris that usually produces the worst problems. A build-up of branches, twigs, and leaves can damage the roofing over time. It could lift or break tiles and damage gutters, resulting in leaks.

What to do?

The solution here is to get a professional service to clean and clear the roof. We can help, delivering the services you expect from the best company for roof cleaning Dorking has.

Preferably, you should clean your rooftop during early spring or summer. Saying this, it is entirely possible to clean it in winter. If you have lichen, algae, and moss growing on the tiles, it is best to remove it as soon as possible. This will stop them from causing damage.

Our roof-cleaning team uses the most up to date equipment and avoids causing harm to your tiles. The aim here is for us to keep your roof protected at all times. This is both while we remain on site and for years into the future.

One last piece of advice we have is to regularly inspect your rooftop in the winter. Make this a priority especially following any severe weather. If you are not sure if you have a displaced tile, look at your ceilings, roof space, and loft. Try to spot any tell-tale water marks or damp spots. These are indications of a possible water leak. You may then need a roof survey to examine and repair any damage swiftly.

Use our services for exceptional roof cleaning in Dorking

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we take the debris that is covering your beautiful roof and remove it. We will uncover what lies underneath, and for very reasonable prices. Additionally, we can offer services for driveways and gutters. It can make everything fresher.

So, contact us if you need the foremost services for roof cleaning Dorking has. We are happy to help now or in the future leading up to and during winter.