Life-saving rooftop habits

We are an establishment that offers reliable and fast services. Our team has experience working on a myriad of rooftops. The strategy we use involves us removing debris manually and using a safe biocide treatment afterwards. This leads to longer lasting results and is much less harmful than a power washing strategy. It has also led to us becoming the leading company for roof cleaning Leatherhead has.

Whilst at work, bad habits can contribute to incidents. If we select the wrong ladder, is it the ladder’s fault? Our actions, when not suitable, unsafe, or non-compliant, can be disastrous. Thankfully, our actions are entirely within our control. What we’re going to do is look at the small steps we can take that will make all the difference with our personal safety. Specifically, we’re going to talk about what we can do on the roof. Fall protection is certainly important here. But the point of this post is to look beyond it.

Avoid stepping backwards

Roof cleaning LeatherheadTo start with, never step backwards on a rooftop. This sounds simple, but it occurs all the time. Sometimes, there won’t be negative repercussions. In a high hazard environment like a roof though, it can often be a vital mistake. You need to be completely sure of where you’re standing. Perhaps you don’t know you are directly in front of a skylight. There could be a soft spot in the roof or a low run of conduit that leads to you losing your balance and falling.

Ask yourself how close you are to the edge. You might think you are, but maybe you’re unsure of how long you’ve been working or standing on that spot. It is possible you could’ve moved a little from your original point. If you’ve focused entirely on work, perhaps you’re not exactly where you were previously. Never stepping backwards here can save your life.

No distractions

Avoid looking at your phone or other distractions when walking on the roof too. This particular habit is already bad enough in shopping centres and on city streets. Attempting it on a rooftop can leave you in a far worse situation than needing to make an apology. Not paying attention when moving on a roof can lead to you stepping into the wrong place or falling. You can even bump into coworkers, putting them at great risk.

When working on roofs you can’t afford to have distractions. So, it is best to leave the workspace to check your phone or make calls. If you need the most competent services for roof cleaning Leatherhead has, talk to us.

Don’t climb over anything

It doesn’t matter what is in your way. If you’re unsure of what’s on the other side and there is no safe way to cross, find a different route. Perhaps you need to install an access solution like a walkover or work platform. Whatever the case, attempting to blindly climb over something without protection is asking for trouble. You may have good balance and strength, but they won’t always come through for you.

Take it slow

Finally, you’ll always need to slow down when approaching a ladder or edge. You may have secured your ladder in position. Or, maybe the bolts are holding properly if it is a permanent one. In truth though, regardless of what you do, you can never know for certain what condition it is in prior to stepping on it.

You must always take it slow and do tests before mounting the ladder to secure it. Furthermore, approaching an edge or ladder too rapidly could be bad news if you miscalculate or lose your balance. Take things slowly. Ensure you have a decent grip and sure footing, and move cautiously.

We’ll restore your property with roof cleaning in Leatherhead

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we rejuvenate your property quickly and efficiently. Our team uses the best equipment to get the job done. It allows us to work without using aggressive treatments.

So, speak to us if you need the top services for roof cleaning Leatherhead has. We’ll be more than happy to help.