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The best advice for cleaning metal rooftops

Our speciality is cleaning the rooftops and guttering for our clients. We are known for offering the foremost services for roof cleaning Croydon has. Using our manual approach and special biocide treatments, we provide long term results. We also do this without harming your roof as well.

Owners of metal rooftops have made quite the investment. Making sure it stays clean can extend its life too. It will carry on functioning as it should whilst looking as good as new. However, you need to know the specifics of what goes into cleaning the surface. This includes knowing whether you need to use a pressure washer or not, as well as what solutions to use. In addition, you need to think about details such as safety.

In the guide below, we’re going to discuss some of the most important metal roof cleaning tips.

Avoid harsh chemicals and cleaning agents

To start with, you should not use these abrasive products. It is the same for any utensils that will damage the metal. There is a high chance that your materials will have a coating to safeguard the substrate. It could be paint, sealant, or several other options. These work to prolong its life. However, the coatings can be vulnerable to harsh chemicals. Using them for roof cleaning will do more harm than good.

It is always wise to read product labels prior to using anything on your roof. Furthermore, don’t choose tools like a wire brush or steel wool sponge for cleaning. They will only lead to horrible scratches and damage.

After deciding on the right tools and cleaning solutions, it is smart to do a spot test on a small part of the roof. Do this in a low visibility area too. You need to make sure nothing will harm your rooftop before cleaning the whole thing.

Are you aware that the majority of debris on a metal rooftop is removable without anything special? You can get rid of debris like twigs and leaves by hand. Then, you can use water and a gentle detergent to clean mildew or dirt without harming the protective layers. For scrubbing away dirt, a very soft brush or microfibre towel can work. If you need the best services for roof cleaning Croydon has, please come to us.

Use a garden hose, not a pressure washer

The next piece of advice we have relates to pressure washing. Employing a high-pressure washer for metal roof cleaning is not something we’d recommend. It can be a viable method when cleaning other things. Here though, it can actually cause damage to your roof. Not to mention, using one without the proper training in the first place is just asking for trouble.

If you have to give your metal roof a quick wash, it is better to use a garden hose. You can use it to loosen up dirt and to wash away leaves and other debris. It is also good for rinsing off soapy areas that need more attention.

When to clean?

Cleaning your rooftop on a rainy day isn’t the smartest move. Additional water simply leads to more chances for injuries or accidents. At the same time, you need to avoid bright, sunny days. Metal roofs can become very hot in direct sunlight. They can also be very reflective depending on the coating.

The ideal weather for cleaning a roof would be a dry, overcast day when the temperature is mild. You won’t have an extra slippery surface in these conditions. Moreover, the sun’s reflection won’t limit your vision. Most importantly, your roof won’t be too hot to work on.

Expert roof cleaning in Croydon for all needs

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