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Your guide to aluminium guttering

We specialise in providing effective and long lasting roof cleaning Woking residents can count on. Our strategy involves removing all the debris by hand. Afterwards, we make use of a protective biocide. It discourages the likes of mould and algae from returning. In addition, we can take care of guttering. We have a reputation for delivering a reliable and fast service, and work hard to maintain it.

A general overview of aluminium guttering

Seamless, extruded continuous aluminium guttering is a fantastic alternative to cast iron or plastic designs. These metal gutters are perfect for many projects. This is thanks to their robust corrosion resistance and general cleanliness. As they are seamless, there won’t be any joints to leak along the gutter’s length. Additionally, they come in a plethora of styles, including classic and modern ones.

In this post, we want to explore the aluminium guttering in more detail. We want to see what makes them such an attractive option.

Cast aluminium gutters are a brilliant alternative to cast iron designs. They come with the advantage of being corrosion resistant and lightweight. Due to this, they are low maintenance whilst preserving their aesthetically pleasing attributes. At the same time, the metal is strong and is unlikely to sag even with the weight of large amounts of water.

The aluminium gutters complement older structures nicely and will fit in with classical rainwater systems. However, they also go well with modern designs. Square seamless guttering is an extremely clean design. You can find it on homes as well as commercial and industrial buildings. Contact us if you need the greatest services for roof cleaning Woking has. We can assist you with your gutters as well.

A lightweight option

Now that we have gone over some general details regarding aluminium guttering, we want to look at the benefits. One of them is that it is lightweight yet strong. The metal is around 65% lighter than cast iron or steel. It is heavier than plastic, but that there is a trade-off in the improvement in strength and durability. Overall the strength-to-weight ratio is higher. This means you need less material than with cast iron and steel.


Aluminium resists rust too, unlike cast iron and steel. The metal naturally creates a protective oxide coating. If it is scratched, it will merely oxidise again for protection. That means you don’t have to worry about your gutters rusting and suffering leaks or structural failure.

One thing you do need to think about here is that low quality aluminium can be vulnerable to pitting. You should keep that in mind and ensure you choose a good grade.


Aluminium also isn’t influenced by sunlight. With plastics, they become brittle and vulnerable to cracking with enough UV exposure. You won’t have any of this if you choose the metal option.

You can coat it

Aluminium can also be coated to supply a myriad of finishes. For example, you can use a polyester powder coating. It will supply a virtually maintenance-free and hardwearing finish. It will be much better than the finish you get with other materials.

Recyclable and sustainable

You can recycle aluminium repeatedly without losing its quality. Furthermore, the melting temperature is relatively low. As a result, you don’t need much energy here. This makes reuse and recycling sustainable.

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