Roof cleaning Epsom

Find the signs and act fast

More people are starting to realise that the mess on their roofs is something they don’t have to put up with. There is likely a beautiful surface underneath it all that is waiting to see the world. What we do is help them to reveal it. To do so, we offer clients the highest quality services for roof cleaning Epsom has.

The work that goes into maintaining properties

There is no question that keeping any home in top condition demands a lot of work. You will have routine jobs inside every week. Then you will have things outside like mowing the grass and cleaning the windows. There is always a job that needs doing.

One job many people overlook is roof cleaning. Initially, this might not appear to be a priority. But it is actually critical to protecting your property’s overall health. A roof that is badly maintained can cause many complications. Examples include structural damage, mould, and leaks.

In some instances, all your roof will require is a quick wash to look great again. In other scenarios though, the roof cleaning will have to be more extensive to get everything back in order. Something you need to do here is watch out for the signs that you need a professional clean. In this post, we will be going over four common things that you should look for.

Permanent discolouration

The first sign is the discolouration of your roof materials. As time passes, algae, dirt, and other things can gather on the roof. They can all make the materials change colour. It is possible that this might disappear on its own after there is some rain. But, if it doesn’t and you have permanent discolouration, you would be best off speaking to the experts. Should you fail to do this, the grime and dirt will carry on accumulating. Your roof will look worn and old.

Algae or green spots

Both are signs of unwanted growths on roofs. Moss and algae thrive in humid and warm settings. So, your roof is the perfect spot. The big issue here is the growths hold moisture against your rooftop. This can cause your roof cover to degrade and break down with time. In turn it can cause leaks and water damage in the property.

To kill the growths and also prevent their return, a soft wash strategy with special treatments is necessary. You should ask a professional to do this.

New but dull and faded shingles

Your roof may only be a few years old but can still appear like it has seen better days. If this is the case, you will want to schedule a cleaning appointment. Shingles can fade rapidly thanks to dirt accumulation, pollution, and sun exposure. Your roof will be left in quite a state. Areas with extreme weather conditions will be especially vulnerable.

With our services though, you can restore the original colour and lustre of your shingles. In the process, your entire house will look like new. Moreover, we can extend your property’s lifespan by stopping premature degradation. Let us know if you need the finest services for roof cleaning Epsom has.

Black spots

These kinds of spots are the most common signs of mould growth. You should take them very seriously. Sadly, mould only takes one to two days to begin growing in a moist setting. This poses significant danger to your house. It is able to eat away at roofing materials, further undermining the structural integrity. Furthermore, it can cause leaks, shingle deterioration, and wood rot. Repairing mould-related roof damage can cost you thousands.

If you see black marks, get in touch with us straight away. We will assess the situation and figure out the ideal cleaning strategy. When you catch roof problems like this early, a simple service can often be enough to overcome them.

We offer a gentle approach with roof cleaning in Epsom

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we gently dispose of the debris that accumulates on roofs. Thanks to our manual approach, we can provide the top services without causing damage. Also, by using our special biocide treatment, we can give your property long term preservation.

So, if you would like to know more about roof cleaning in Epsom, feel free to contact us. We can give you details and advice.