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English ivy is a threat to your gutters

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Ivy is one of the toughest challenges

A homeowner will face plenty of challenges in their lifetime. These come in a number of shapes and sizes too. One of the most difficult to navigate would have to be ivy. It can present a substantial danger to your building in a number of ways. In most cases you need to work swiftly to handle it.

Right now you are probably asking why it is such an issue. We are going to help answer this by discussing the dangers ivy poses. Then we will talk about why it is so important to work quickly.

What problems does it cause?

When left to its own devices, ivy can be a real pain to put up with. The instinct of many homeowners is to ignore it. When looking at it, the plant does not seem harmful. Some people even like the look. However, it could cause many issues.

For instance, the plant thrives when it is on softer brick and mortar walls. English ivy especially flourishes in such an environment. This is because of how it supports itself with the aerial roots. It burrows its way into cracks and weaker areas in your masonry.

The ivy could damage your house’s very structure. Saying this, it isn’t here where it can do the most harm. In truth, this happens when it gets to your gutter system.

What you need to remember is ivy is able to coil around and wrap tightly. It can do this to your gutters and downspouts. It can push into the spaces where the system links to the walls. Then, it starts disrupting the integrity. Moreover, it can act as a blockage. If you need help from the number one company excelling in roof cleaning Godalming has, please speak to us.

Imagine that during the summer, your guttering becomes entangled with ivy. It is not going to have much of an effect on you until the next big rain spell. When that happens though, the system may not be able to drain the water away thanks to the ivy. Instead, what may happen is the water spills out over the side of the gutter. It could cause structural harm, damaging the walls and foundations. It can also flood your garden.

Responding to the problem

The discernible response to ivy would be to dispose of the offending article. Yet, without professional aid, it can be tricky. The ivy will take root and become extremely difficult to remove. It can establish a strong foothold in your gutter in particular. For this reason, you would be better off leaving it to the experts.

To summarise, ivy isn’t the easiest issue to handle. When you find yourself up against it, you will have to be ruthless. There’s no end to the damage it can do to your structure directly and indirectly. Since this is the case, you will need to deal with it promptly. Getting professional help is the right course of action. It can help to prevent its return too.

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