Clean your gutters by hand and protect them

Our business is one that people consider the best specialising in roof cleaning Woking has. The reputation we have is built on our outstanding talents and quick responses. Moreover, we ensure results last through the use of a biocide treatment. In addition to roofs, we clean drives, patios, and gutters as well.

Over time, debris, moss, bird nests, and all sorts of other things can make it hard for rainwater runoff to properly drain. You will want to keep your gutters free of blockages. This can aid them in flowing more effectively. It will keep the structure free of flooding and damp too. You can use the gutter cleaning tips below to make the process an easier one.

Safer by hand

When cleaning the gutter, make certain you do it by hand. Chances are that the system will be full of branches, small plants, and decomposing leaves. As all this builds up, it can begin to resemble a tar-like material. Until you remove most of this by hand, you don’t want to take any other action. You shall only block the drains and downpipes if you attempt to wash it away.

Shield your gutters from harm

Protecting your guttering is something else we would suggest as well. You can buy specialist paints to stop rust on metal components. This will supply it with a protective barrier that defends the system from the elements.

Before repainting guttering, it is wise to clean them first. Give each one a soft rub back to get rid of dirt and let it dry afterwards. Once everything is dry, you can introduce a primer before using the weatherproof paint.

Roof cleaning WokingIt is not a great idea to paint plastic guttering. Aside from not sticking to it, the paint might contain chemicals that force it to deteriorate over time.

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, our services help clients with adding longevity to their roofs and gutters. We perform our work to the highest standard and it comes with zero complications. Our methods aren’t as abrasive as pressure washing either. As a result we can say with confidence we offer the best roof cleaning Woking has.

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