Do you know about the rooftop safety hazards?

The likes of moss and mildew cause problems for countless homeowners. You don’t have to simply accept it though. Instead all you need to do is speak to us. Ours is the number one company specialising in roof cleaning Reigate has. We use the most effective methods to achieve long lasting results.

Roof cleaning ReigateWhen someone accesses a roof, they must take every possible precaution. They have to avoid dangerous situations and hazards while they are up there. However, there are times where everyone needs a reminder about what they have to be careful of. Below is a list of the most important hazards it is possible to encounter on a roof. We suggest you read it carefully before you do anything.

Roof stability

Firstly you have to make sure the roof is sturdy. Roofing is not usually designed to support a human’s weight. The trusses must stay intact as well. On a hot day, the roof could bow so that is something else to look at. Before going on the roof, examine the underlayment too.

Ladder safety

Our next hazard is ladder placement and security. Ideally, you need to secure it and have it at a 4:1 angle. The feet should also be securely in place. Have a look and see if the ladder’s top part is above the roofline and tied properly. Many accidents happen every year because people place ladders incorrectly. Examine your ladder as well as the environment surrounding it before you do anything else.

The weather

One of the more obvious hazards would have to be weather conditions. Wind, snow, and ice are always going to be troublesome for those on the roof. This is particularly true if the shingles end up being slippery. Membrane roofs are incredibly slick when they get wet. As a result, you should avoid roofs under these circumstances. If you would like assistance from the leading company working in roof cleaning Reigate has, talk to us.


Roof holes are problematic too, especially any that are poorly covered and unguarded skylights. If you lack fall protection, then you can expect an open hole on a roof to be as much of an issue as the edge of the roof.

The edge

Awareness of the edge is a big hazard as well. When you are busy with roof work, losing the edge of your roof can complicate matters. Some individuals get so distracted by their efforts that they forget where it actually is. This can cause all kinds of problems.

A poor line of sight

You must remain aware of the dangers of a poor line of sight too. Shingle bundles, chimneys, and ridge vents can all block egress on roofs. Sustain a decent line of sight. This way, you will know your position in relation to the edge of your roof.

The pitch

Last but not least, be careful with the pitch of your roof. It is easier for people to fall when the roof is very steep. See to it that the shingle bundles and fall protection are secure before you go onto the roof.

Arrange professional roof cleaning in Reigate

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we always make sure that a rooftop is safe before going up. This allows us to avoid any unpleasant accidents while we are on the job. The result is a hassle free experience.

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