Have you considered the risks and do you have the right equipment?

If you need a company to help with your roof cleaning Weybridge has the perfect option for you. The team we have here at Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean is nothing short of spectacular. In addition to supplying first rate results, we work hard to make them last. We use a special biocide treatment to accomplish this.

DIY projects can save you money. However, leaving jobs like roof cleaning to the professionals is always the smarter choice. This kind of work is a critical part of home maintenance. Aside from getting rid of stains and build ups, it also improves your roof’s longevity. There are specific reasons why you will want to use professionals as well. You can find some examples below.

Avoiding falls

Roof Cleaning ReigateFor one thing, you don’t want to fall. Whenever someone climbs on top of their roof, this is always a risk. Initially, you may believe your roofing isn’t pitched at too much of a slant or too high. In reality, it is always higher when you make your way up there. Working at height is always risky, especially if you don’t have the right training.

You can fall off the roof for one of several reasons. For instance, you can slip on some algae or lose your balance. It is even possible to put your back out or twist an ankle. The surface becomes even more hazardous when it is wet. The risks aren’t worth it when you consider how affordable our service is.

Do you have the equipment?

Many people worry about how much they need to spend on equipment to clean their roof. We can offer lots of advice about this. Firstly we urge people not to use pressure washers because they can damage the surface. As a result there is no need to invest in this expensive product.

Instead we advise that it is better to use manual cleaning methods. This is gentler on the surface and it is also much cheaper if you only need to buy hand tools. However, you can still avoid this expense by choosing our professional service. We even save you the valuable time you would spend doing the cleaning.

Roof cleaning in Weybridge

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we can give you the professional assistance you require. The work we perform comes with zero complications. Moreover, we always aim for fantastic results. This means you get the perfect service for your property.

If you would like to do business with the number one company working in roof cleaning Weybridge has, speak to us. You can call, email, or contact us via our website.