What should I expect if I neglect my roof?

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There is more to cleaning the roof than simply making everything look great. By attending to it when you need to, you can protect your property from harm. Failing to do this can lead to you making several expensive and inessential repairs. This kind of work allows you to keep your shingles and tiles in order.

Something we are often asked is what sort of problems you can expect from neglecting your roof. To answer this, we have some examples below.

Solid debris

Twigs, seeds, leaves, and similar solid debris can wedge around and under roofing tiles. This loosens your shingles and heightens the possibility of you losing them when a storm arrives. Even if it is just windy, you can lose them if they are no longer securely in place. Another issue with loose tiles is the greater risk of harm to roofing paper. This can cause water leaks.


Acid rain, air pollution, airborne exhaust fumes, and soot residues are all problematic for roofs too. They can settle onto a house and dry the roofing shingles out. This causes the protective granules to loosen. From here, they will crumble and eventually fall away. In most situations they will end up in a house’s gutters. This leads to clogs and even water damage. Thin, brittle shingles also don’t properly insulate houses. As a result you can lose more heat and have to pay higher energy bills.

Algae troubles

Algae can be troublesome as well. They cause problems for the asphalt shingles by eating away at the limestone. Consequently, they become worn and thin. Mould, moss, and algae can make their way beneath roofing tiles and flashing too. Following this, a building’s roof can appear uneven and bumpy. The tiles themselves are also at risk of loosening and falling away.

Watch out if you find any mildew growing around eaves and roofing tiles too. This can produce an unfriendly odour that shall bother pets and people alike. Washing the mildew off the roof shall create an exterior environment that is more comfortable.

Airborne threats

As for dust, grit, slit, sand, and similar debris, they can occupy your roof. Eventually, they will end up airborne and travel to places like the flower beds and patio. If you have a pool or hot tub, they can also end up here. They will create a mess and damage any exterior surfaces they encounter. Any residues that enter the water shall make the filter work harder too. This causes considerable wear and tear, resulting in more repairs or replacements.

The best for roof cleaning in Godalming

At Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean, we take a manual approach to our work. There is no pressure washing whatsoever. Additionally, we employ a biocide to prevent debris like moss from coming back for years. We take care to clean the entire surface and can also look at the gutters. Therefore you can expect fantastic results.

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