Habits to adopt whilst up on the roof

Roof cleaning EpsomPeople often struggle to find a trustworthy company that does the job right. For years, we have proven to our community that we are the best business for roof cleaning Epsom has. We have done this by avoiding pressure washing and adopting a hands on approach. This is also one that leads to longer results.

A person’s actions when cleaning a roof can be potentially disastrous if they are unsafe, non-compliant, or inappropriate. Luckily, our actions are entirely within our control. You must always remember these details when up on the roof to it. Here are some of the little things everyone can do to make all the difference with their personal safety.

Don’t move backwards

The first thing we are going to tell you is never step backwards. This does sound simple, but it still happens very frequently. It sometimes occurs without negative outcomes. On a roof though, it can be a crucial error. After all, you might not be sure of where you are standing. You may underestimate how close you are to the roof’s edge too. If you have been working for a long time, you could have lost track of where you are without knowing it. Such a small change like never stepping backwards will become a true life saver in these situations.

Avoid the phone

Don’t ever look at your phone whilst up on the roof either. This is a habit that has gotten out of hand enough in shopping centres and on the city pavements. In these places, attempting to walk without knocking into someone has become very difficult. Doing this on the roof however is a whole different issue. This is no place for a distraction. You should always leave the area to take vital calls. It is far better than bumping a co-worker or stepping in the wrong place. Speak to the finest business excelling in roof cleaning Epsom has if you need help with your property.

No climbing over obstacles

Make certain you don’t climb over anything either. Some examples might be parapet walls, skylights, equipment, or other obstacles. What it is doesn’t matter. If there is no safe way to cross and if you don’t know what is on the other side, find an alternative route. By being reckless here, there is a high chance you will fall.

Go slow

When you do approach an edge or ladder, do so slowly. Ideally, you will have secured your ladder in position if it is only a temporary one. If it is a fixed ladder, the bolts should hold well. Regardless of your actions though, you can never be entirely certain what state your ladder is in when you step on it. You must always take things slow and do some testing on the ladder before mounting it. Furthermore, you can’t move towards an edge or ladder too hastily or you can lose your balance.

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