Roof cleaning Farnham

Taking care of grease, antifreeze, and paint stains

Cleaning the roof isn’t something you should do yourself. It is more challenging and dangerous than it seems. Instead, what you need to do is speak with the top business for roof cleaning Leatherhead has. We have been specialising in this field for years. As a result, we know all the best techniques and how to work safely. Plus, we can take care of driveways and more too.

In addition to being a great place for parking, drives do wonders for the value of your property. No matter what it is made of, you cannot overlook the drive’s beauty. Saying that, paint spills, car oil, weeds, and other forms of dirt can turn these benefits on their head. Your driveway can become old-looking and ugly. Read on to discover the ideal ways of attending to your drive.

When is the best time to clean?

We will begin with the best time to clean the drive. It is preferable to get rid of and debris and dirt as soon as you notice it. Saying this, the majority of homeowners will wait until the spring or summer. The reason is that the likes of algae and moss are more visible. It is also crucial to pick a cloudy day to stop any rapid drying. This can undermine your efforts. Depending on how big your property is, the work can take one to two hours, or an afternoon.

Removing antifreeze and grease marks

Next, we will discuss removing antifreeze or grease stains. Both of these can undermine your driveway’s attractiveness. Because of this, you must remove them quickly. For cleaning the mess here, you need to wet the stain, use a detergent, and scrub. It can get rid of all kinds of automotive stains. If a spill is still wet, you can put down an absorbent material like sawdust, let it soak up, and then brush it away.

Getting those paint stains out

As for paint, these can leave some unflattering patches behind that can be a challenge to clean. Depending on what paint you use, there are multiple ways you can remove it. With oil-based paints, it is preferable to use a paint-stripping solution and scrub everything off with a stiff brush. You also need to let the solution sit before using clean water to rinse it. This is only really good for concrete drives since the solution may harm asphalt and decorative paving.

If you use latex paints, a good solution would be to use water and standard scouring powder. Use a stiff brush to scrub the spill too. To wash away the mess, use clean water.

A one stop shop for roof cleaning In Leatherhead and more

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