Getting the most out of cedar roofing materials with roof cleaners in Surrey

Our roof cleaners in Surrey have a fantastic reputation thanks to our commitment to protecting roofs. Instead of using pressure-washing methods, which have proven to be detrimental to the surfaces, we instead prefer to do things manually and provide you with a long lasting solution. Operating throughout the region, ours is the business to call if your roofing is in need of attention. Continue reading

Unkempt electrical cables pose a threat to gutter and roof cleaning operations

Our business is one that prides itself on providing a professional and efficient service to its clients. Instead of using pressure-washing methods, which are actually rather detrimental to the roof, we choose to use a manual approach, removing the debris ourselves. In addition, we also seek to prevent debris from coming back in the future by using our special biocide, leaving your roof spotless for a lengthy period of time. Continue reading

Avoiding harmful cleaning methods

Specialising in roof and gutter cleaning, as is evident by our name, we make use of techniques that possess a far less destructive nature to that of pressure washers. Instead, we resolve to do everything manually to keep the risk of damaging materials to an absolute minimum. We guarantee that after we are done, your roofing will look as good as new. This assurance has made us into one of the best roof cleaning companies in Surrey. Continue reading

A simple stain can cause complicated problems for roofing

Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean seek to give our customers nothing less than first-class services. Utilising a manual approach, in addition to a dedicated biocide treatment, our main goals are to leave your house sparkling and prevent future debris from regrowing. We focus on the requirements of property owners to ensure that we offer the roof cleaning Surrey residents need. Continue reading

Don’t let your roofing get weighed down with help from roof cleaners

As opposed to the forceful pressure washing methods favoured by our peers within the industry, our team of roof cleaners in Surrey prefer a much less destructive approach. Through the manual removal of your roof’s debris and the special biocide we use to discourage future growth, we seek to give you a long lasting solution to your roofing woes. With £1 million in public liability insurance cover and the correct equipment behind us, we can take on any job without fail. Continue reading

Prepping the roof during spring time

Specialising in professional, gentle roof cleaning, our team works towards clearing surfaces via the most non-destructive means possible. To this end we never use pressure washers, instead preferring to manually remove all the debris by hand. No matter how big a roof is, the challenge is never too much for Surrey Roof and Gutter Clean. Continue reading

High specification roof cleaning by hand

When it comes to roof cleaning many people get drawn in to using pressure washers because of the speed they offer. This kind of clean can be really quick but there are questions marks about the quality and the wear it causes to roofing materials. Additionally it is generally a resource heavy technique, requiring both water and electricity in order to do the job. Continue reading

When to unblock your gutters and why

A professional and non-destructive approach is the way forward at our company. Instead of using pressure washers, which is the preferred method of many other roof cleaners, we manually remove all the debris from your roof to ensure we get all of it and don’t harm the materials. Once we have removed everything that we can, we finish off the job by applying a special biocide, which not only kills off the remaining moss and algae, but also discourages it from growing again in the future. Continue reading